Gone are the days of the NCAA having power over the players. Welcome to the new era of college basketball, where every player gets to move around freely. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely in support of player empowerment and believe players should be able to earn off of their name, image and likeness. However, the new transfer rule is getting out of hand.


The Celtics should be mediocre this upcoming season, and I don’t say this in a predicting way. I’m not trying to project their final record, so no need to screenshot this and rub it in my face if they make a run. I say they should be mediocre because they shouldn’t go out of their way to try to be great.

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Let’s get one thing straight right off the top, who starts and who doesn’t doesn’t matter. Especially with a head coach like Jim Boeheim, whoever deserves to play is going to play. If a starter is having a horrible game, Boeheim will find someone to fill the spot, and if the starters are all playing well, he will stick with them. 


Okay, okay. Yes, it has only been two games, but Syracuse Football looks atrocious right now. First, the Orange get manhandled by North Carolina. Then this past weekend, they can’t figure it out against Pittsburgh. It may be premature and a little early to have this conversation, but who cares. Syracuse fans are upset, and rightfully so.


It’s not every day that coaching changes occur within the Syracuse lacrosse programs. Yet, yesterday, Inside Lacrosse broke the story that John Desko was retiring and Gary Gait would be taking over the men’s program. Gait will be just the fifth head coach in Syracuse Men’s Lacrosse history.